A case study about the role and importance of communication in conflict resolution

Show full item record Abstract This research study was undertaken to assess the role of print media, in particular newspapers, in conflict resolution and peace building in Somaliland, a self governing entity in the North of greater Somalia.

A case study about the role and importance of communication in conflict resolution

We will then examine ways in which learned needs and training in regards to those needs may alleviate work-family conflict, improve job satisfaction, and decrease intent-to-turnover. Details of Case Many of us have seen manifestations of work family conflict.

One of the students involved in building this case study worked as a nanny for a family where both the mother and father worked outside the home.

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict

This student witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by both parents trying to balance hours at work versus hours at home. Both the mother and father struggled with work-family conflict however it manifested itself differently for each parent. The mother, a successful VP of marketing for a well known global company, seemed to display more concern for the way work interfered with time spent with her children.

She was constantly stressed out over the fact that she did not feel she was spending enough time with her children. According to McClelland's theory, the need that was thwarted in this instance was the need for affiliation. The need for power and achievement were being fulfilled at work, with the woman being one of the top executives in her company, and a prospect for continuing to climb the corporate ladder.

Yet even with two of the three McClelland needs met, the women still exhibiting the work-family conflict of work interfering with family WIF. This increased her need for affiliation.

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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Activities - WorkSMART We've all seen situations where different people with different goals and needs have come into conflict.
Use Active Listening We want learning and work to be innovative, collaborative and fun.
10 thoughts on “Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Activities” Introduction Conflict in project management is inevitable. The potential for conflict in information systems development projects is usually high because it involves individuals from different backgrounds and orientations working together to complete a complex task.
Conflict Resolution in Project Management Marketing Channel Conflicts Management Marketing Channel Conflicts Management On the basis of the discussion in the previous article Marketing Channel Conflictsit can be easily understood that conflict is an inherent behavioral dimension in the marketing channel and various levels of conflicts may have both negative and positive effect on channel efficiency or possible no effect. A marketing channel conflict could affect the channel efficiency positively in the sense that when the members involved in the conflicts realize and identify the possible reasons for conflict and work towards removing these areas of disagreement.

The father on the other hand, also faced work-family conflict but the frustration seemed to be based more on interferences from family into his work FIW. With the financial needs of raising families in America today and most people working outside of the home and many households with multiple people working outside of the home; it would seem logical that the conflict between finding fulfillment in work and working to sustain the household will increase.

Questions raised by this case Is there a general set of specific needs that, when increased, increase this work-family conflict? Are there steps that can be taken to ease this work-family conflict?

Are the needs sensitive to gender?

Conflict resolution is a hot topic, whether you teach negotiation, team-building, leadership, or communication skills. Here are a few activities that will help you quickly cut to the core and identify challenges and processes to manage difficult relationships. Interpersonal Conflict and Effective Communication Conflict between people is a fact of life – and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a relationship with frequent conflict may be healthier than one with no observable conflict. Aug 01,  · Conflict Resolution in Project Management August 1, 1 Comment In the day-to-day interactions of virtually anyone in the modern world, there .

Does the level at which an individual works affect the work-family crisis For example someone working at an executive level versus someone working an hourly-rate job Analysis David McClelland identified three types of motivational needs that are present at different levels in each individual that describe the individuals level of personal motivation and the motivation they receive from external influence.

Individuals ranking high on nACH demonstrate an increased need for personal achievement, goals, the enjoyment of completing certain tasks, and a drive to win at any cost.

Those with a low nACH tend to fear failure and avoid taking on personal responsibility. Those with a high nPOW have a strong desire to influence others, and increase personal prestige and power. Those low on nPOW prefer to minimize their personal prestige and power and prefer to be dependent and subordinate to others.

Those low on nAFF tend to be aloof and disinterested in group dynamics and relationships and prefer to work alone. Two areas perceived as causing the WFC were examined.

The study utilized surveys received from college graduates now working in management in 15 different industries. This study began with the assumption that conflicts arise when needs are thwarted. The study also examined intent-to-turnover to examine how much these conflicts contribute to workplace instability.

This would seem to indicate that individuals with increased needs of power and achievement find the fulfillment of those needs within work and see family as secondary to meeting those needs.

This would seem to indicate that individuals with high need for affiliation find the fulfillment of those needs within family and see work as a secondary source of meeting those needs.

In this study WIF was not positively linked to intent-to-turnover but FIW was positively linked to intent-to-turnover. In relation to gender differences the study found that FIW was a greater problem for women than for men.

Lily, Duffy, and Virick conjecture that perhaps women feel more pressure to be involved more in depth with their families and often see quitting as the only option.Analyse the potential consequences of unresolved conflict within a team.

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Explain the role of external arbitration and conciliation in conflict resolution. 2. Be able to reduce the potential for conflict within a team Management case study writers are online to help you in writing case study .

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Conflict management strategies and communication among medical students The importance of developing conflict management knowledge and skills among In the present study, students were asked to study a case of communication and conflict within an interprofessional health care context.

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Resolving conflict in a positive manner is a skill than can be developed and practiced. Being heard can be one of the most important goals of someone engaged in conflict.

Knowing how to listen and deploy appropriate communication tactics is determinative of whether a conflict will have a positive or. Student Self-administered case study Learning objectives: Discuss the role of conflict in the workplace. Provide an overview of mediation.

Case problem: How can organizations resolve workplace conflict? reflects frustration), lack of open communication, jealousy, idle .

A case study about the role and importance of communication in conflict resolution
A Case Study on Conflict Management