An examination of the presentation of tom jones as a helpless victim of mrs waters seduction in the

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An examination of the presentation of tom jones as a helpless victim of mrs waters seduction in the

They asked me if I would like to amend it in such a way as to bring it up to date. However, I feel that the re-writing of a book of opinion is a kind of cheating; it is not comparable, for instance, to the revision of a scientific work.

An examination of the presentation of tom jones as a helpless victim of mrs waters seduction in the

What an author asserted in shows, inhow wise or foolish! Somewhat to my surprise, it turned out that I wanted to add or to exclaim about something at fifty-odd points. It was written—I should say it was dashed off-between the twelfth of May and the fourth of July in I That was the year after Pearl Harbor.

World War II had commenced. This book represented private catharsis, a catalogue of what I felt to be wrong morally, spiritually and intellectually with my fellow citizens. Since it did not enter my head that millions shared my vexations and anxieties, that they would read the list and remark over it to this day, I did not make—alas!

My publishers then Farrar and Rinehart, now Rinehart and Company reacted to the manuscript with some shock. It implies that a great many persons take it for granted that our country enjoys no actual freedom of speech.

It should be pointed out, then, that such haunted notions are false and disclose the very kind of fears which, if held widely enough, do lead to censorship—by general default. While my publishers did not by any means agree with every contentious and dissenting opinion in my manuscript, they asked only that I delete one or two libelous passages and one scandalous item.

But Stanley Rinehart and John Fatrar, for all the blood flowing from their personal icons, published my book without tremor or quibble. They knew it would mightily offend many highly placed individuals and many powerful minority groups.

They thought, perhaps, as I thought that it might offend everybody. But they brought it out with utter aplomb and their usual skill—in January of The first edition was of four thousand copies, a number commensurate with sales of my previous books and one I thought high for the current treatise.

Even before publication, however, I began to have an inkling of what was to come. An extraordinarily praiseful letter was written to Farrar and Rinehart by Taylor Caldwell, who had been sent a pre-publication copy. A wire also came from Earnest Hooton, the late Harvard anthropologist, which wound up: The four thousand copies melted fast enough.

The book has now sold more than one hundred and eighty thousand copies and its recent annual sales have approximated five thousand. Criticisms were mixed but never neutral; reviewers went out of their way to commend the book or to seek terms of scorn that matched my own.

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An Examination of the Presentation of Tom Jones as a Helpless Victim of Mrs Examine the view that Fielding presents Tom Jones as a helpless victim of Mrs Waters seductionFielding successfully uses an extended metaphor throughout the essay to convey the idea that Jones is a victim of Mrs Waters seduction of fighting and war and to show.

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