An overview of the effects of population growth in the world

TheWorldCounts, 15 June, A billion planets, One Earth… How will our continuously growing population affect our way of life, our planet, our environment?

An overview of the effects of population growth in the world

The reason countries buy oil from other countries, even though that country already has oil, is for trade. For example, country A can make ten cars in a year or a hundred computers.

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Country B can make 15 cars in a year or two hundred computers. Since country B is so much better at everything, why would they choose to trade with country A? If country B chooses to make cars, for example, it chooses to not make computers. To make the trade relationship work, the countries choose to make the product in which they have a comparative advantage.

Country A can make one car for every ten computers.

An overview of the effects of population growth in the world

Country B can make one car for every 40 computers. In other words, it only "costs" Country A ten computers, compared to So even though Country A makes fewer cars, their opportunity cost is lower, so they have a comparative advantage in making cars. Similarly, when it comes to making computers, Country B is giving up less cars so it has a comparative advantage in making computers.

Country A specializes in cars and Country B specializes in computers, so the trade relationship works and both countries profit. I learned this in international business class.

Hope this helps your understanding. We have chosen that the population of Australia should stay the same. Zambia has more natural resources than her people population but is still poor. Mismanagement of natural resources, in our case is the biggest problem leading to poverty than our population.

Effects of Overpopulation

I think at the world level population growth is a challenge in addressing the global poverty. The population of the world now exceeds the natural resources available to sustain it.

Unemployment in the world is a result of population growth. The US is stealing the resources of other countries.

An overview of the effects of population growth in the world

If each country can use its resources, they will never have a problem. The African and some asian countries are in this terrible situation because US and israel and some others want it to be so.

To offset overpopulation, people can have more fun that does not involve sexual acts. Jmcdonald Post 15 How much room do you think it takes to grow animals for food cows,chickens,pigs etc.

What about grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruit? Would food grow as well in desert areas, mountainous areas, or jungle areas?Statement of the Problem Effects of the Population Growth in the Philippines This study aimed to know the possible effects of the growth of population in the Philippines: Specifically, this study attempted to answer the following questions: 1.

years ago there were less than one billion humans living on earth. Today, according to UN calculations there are over 7 billion of us.1 Recent estimates suggest that today's population size is roughly equivalent to % of the total number of people ever born.2 This is the most conspicuous fact about world population growth: for thousands of .

This brief statement of population problems indicates the pervasive and depressive effect that uncontrolled growth of population can have on many aspects of human welfare. Nearly all our economic, social, and political problems become more difficult to solve in the face of uncontrolled population.

Consequences of Rapid Population Growth An Overview Geoffrey McNicoll WORLD BANK STAFF WORKING PAPERS McNicoll, Geoffrey. Consequences of Rapid Population Growth: An Overview. World Bank Staff Working Paper no. Sapir, Andre.

Some Aspects of Population Growth, Trade, and Factor modeling of the effects of . Some negative effects of population growth are insecurity, crime, unemployment, underdevelopment, inequitable sharing of resources, and increased pollution of the environment. These negative effects lead to subsequent problems such as clashes and fighting for dwindling resources, poor sanitation.

Nov 07,  · The effects of population growth are varied and vast. While population growth, of any species, may be beneficial to a certain extent, there may come a time when the number in the population exceeds the natural resources available to sustain it.

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