Bond market information of bangladesh

About financial markets The financial market in Bangladesh is mainly of following types:

Bond market information of bangladesh

Bond Market Information of Bangladesh Bond Market Information of Bangladesh 2 February Economics A well-developed financial system plays an important role in accelerating economic growth by mobilizing savings and facilitating investment in an efficient manner Mu, All the markets play an interactive role for the development of economy by formation of capital through mobilizing funds, industrialization of economy through supplying adequate funds, providing services, linking investors to the industrial entrepreneurs etc.

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The financial sector of Bangladesh is characterized by the dominating presence of commercial banks, especially the Nationalized Commercial Banks NCBs.

Although, a paradigm shift in the degree of dominance has been observed of late with the emergence of private commercial banks-traditional and shariah based banking.

Banking sector accounted for about 75 percent of the total financial system. Most of the available funds go to the NCBs in the form of deposits and channeled into lending. Both insurance and mutual funds industries are very small. The Bond market information of bangladesh market being an integral part of financial market plays a complementary role in developing economy through allocation of funds to the different deficit sectors.

The debt market consists of money market, mortgage market, bond market and derivative market. The debt market of Bangladesh is very small. The size of domestic debt accounted for only 20 percent of the financial system. Like in any other country, a well-developed tradable bond market is critical to ensuring stability and efficiency of the financial market in Bangladesh.

An efficient bond market is important for managing public debt and bank liquidity and for efficient conduct of the monetary policy. So far the bond market has played a limited role in the economy.

Without a functioning bond market, the monetary transmission processes of policy measures would be circumvented, and the desired impact on the real economy can not be fulfilled, which compromises the effectiveness of the monetary policy operations. In view of this, the present study has been undertaken in order to evaluate the present bond market status and to identify the issues and factors that prompt the development of bond market in Bangladesh.

Objectives of the Study The principal objective of the study is to evaluate present bond market status in Bangladesh. To accomplish this principal objective, following specific objectives have been covered: Scope of the Study The inferences of the study would be used for the development of Bond Market in Bangladesh.

It has covered opinions of 22 financial executives of listed companies on the issues that impede to the development of Bond Market. Methodology of the Study The study has been both theoretical and empirical one. Both primary and secondary data have been used.

Collection of Primary Data: The researcher has prepared a questionnaire on the basis of survey of existing literature as well as of discussions made with some executives associated with the stock market. He conducted interview of 22 respondents personally.

In this case, the researcher has selected 30 companies from a list of different economically important sectors conveniently, and attempted to conduct interview of 30 financial executives of 30 selected companies. Finally, he successfully has conducted interview of 22 financial executives.

The opinions of 22 experts have been captured on five point-likert scales such as 5 Most significant4 Significant3 Indifferent2 Insignificant and 1 Most insignificant. Collection of Secondary Data: The secondary data has been collected from different sources- Annual Reports of Bangladesh Bank, World Bank Reports, published research journals, published books, websites, etc.

The data thus collected has been tabulated first and then analyzed with the help of different financial, statistical and econometric techniques. The study has used financial ratio, percentage, mean, factor analytical technique etc.

Factor analysis is a method of reducing a large number of variables tests, scales, items, persons and so on to a smaller number of presumed underlying hypothetical entities called factor Fruchter, It tries to simplify and diverse relationship that exist among a set of observed variables by uncovering common dimensions or factors that link together the seemingly unrelated variables and consequently provides insight into the underlying structures of the data Dillion and Goldstein, A well-developed financial system plays an important role in accelerating economic growth by mobilizing savings and facilitating investment in an efficient manner (Mu, ).

Financial market is composed of different markets- Money Market, Capital Market, Derivative Market etc.

Bond market information of bangladesh

All the markets play an interactive role for the development of economy by formation of capital through [ ]. Absence of secondary bond market is a major reason for non-existence of corporate bond market in Bangladesh.

They mean that secondary organized market which includes OTC market, and private placement market for corporate bonds.5/5(13). Taka Treasury Bond market: The Taka treasury bond market consists of primary issues of treasury bonds of different maturities (2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 years), and secondary trade therein through primary dealers.

20 banks performing as Primary Dealers participate directly in the primary auctions. Other bank and non bank investors can participate in primary auctions and in secondary trading through their nominated .

10Y Bond Yield Spread - Bangladesh vs Main Countries. The Bangladesh 10Y Government Bond has a % yield. Click on Spread value for the historical serie. A positive spread (marked by a red circle) means that the 10Y Bond Yield is higher than the corresponding foreign bond.

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