Essay for advantages disadvantage of computer

This has given children an easy access to video games and a lot of them play them all the time. Complete the topic within 20 minutes.

Essay for advantages disadvantage of computer

The two most important things that lead to someone being satisfied at work are being treated with respect by managers and being compensated fairly. If those more senior than you respect you as a person and the job you are doing then you feel like you are valued. There two factors came top of a recent job satisfaction survey conducted by Monster.

With regards to the question of happiness for all workers, I think this is and always will be highly unlikely. Can I get a band 8 or 9 following these structures? Nobody can give you a structure that guarantees you a high score. You score is dependent on how good your grammar and vocabulary is and how well you answer the question.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop Computers | It Still Works

A good structure will help you answer the question to some extent and boost your score for coherence and cohesion, but you must use relevant ideas and use these ideas well to answer the question.

Next Steps Looking for some sample questions? Here are over sample questions from past exam papers. I hope you found this article useful. Now that you know the structures you should check out our task 2 sample answers to see how they have been used in practice.

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Click here to return to the homepageor click one of the links below to check out more great IELTS stuff.Oct 20,  · Advantages and disadvantages of computer revolution Computer revolution began about 50 years ago.

As its beginning we can consider the year of , when the first computer was invented. The first computer was as big as the wardrobe, today you can take it .

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education |

List of Disadvantages of Computer Networking. 1. It lacks independence. Computer networking involves a process that is operated using computers, so people will be relying more of computer work, instead of exerting an effort for their tasks at hand.

This disadvantage means that when your laptop's non-customizable components become obsolete, you may have to buy a new laptop to keep up with technology. With desktops, you can switch out the obsolete component by itself for much less money than a new computer, extending the life of .

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Essay for advantages disadvantage of computer

Short essay on computer advantages and disadvantages. Short essay on computer advantages and disadvantages. 5 stars based on 50 reviews online banking advantages and disadvantages essays on global warming smart essay writers for hire reflective writing university essays.

The Advantages of Technology Essay Technology: Mobile Phone and 50 Pm Technology Technology Technology Centuries ago, in order to communicate with someone who lived overseas, you would send a letter in the mail, which was carried by a horse, or sent on a boat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer in Our Life.