How to write a skin care articles

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How to write a skin care articles

There are numerous products available that are designed to make us look younger for longer. As a consumer, we are faced with a bewildering array of beautifully packaged products.

The cosmetic industry is constantly enticing us to purchase a miracle in a jar by striving to produce the most innovative and effective skin-care products.

Cosmetic companies put in enormous resources to develop new and more effective skin products As with any other product, cheap skin-care products use cheaper ingredients.

While with the more expensive brands, we usually pay for the new ingredient or formula that is supposed to deliver the anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, skin firming benefit. But price alone cannot be the determining factor, as cosmetics can achieve little except temporary moisturisation.

By law store-bought cosmetics and their ingredients must be safe for use. This means if we try them and they do not work, the only thing they will have damaged is our wallet. In some cases a lotion may cause skin irritation, but this will resolve when we stop using the product.

By definition, a cosmetic is not allowed to alter the structure or function of the skin. In contrast, pharmaceutical products are subject to tighter controls and tests because they are more potent.

Their benefits must be proved and side-effects reported. Some of the standard ingredients in face creams are preservatives, emulsifiers, humectants, silicone and sunscreens. Preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria in cosmetics and extend the shelf-life of creams.

how to write a skin care articles

Examples are essential oils or synthetic parabens, including ethyls, propyls and butyls that are non-toxic. Emulsifiers like linoelic acid ensure a smooth mixture and consistency.

Humectants like glycerin and glycol are commonly used derivatives of mineral oil. They also prevent the product from losing water and drying out. Silicone gives the cream a pleasing texture and makes application easier.

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Sunscreens to protect the skin are also added. Examples are octyl methoxycinnamate, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Some of the common active ingredients are alpha hydroxyl acid AHA for anti-ageing, amino acids peptidesanti-oxidants, ascorbic acid, beta hydroxyl acid BHAceramides, co-enzyme 10 Q10collagen, green tea, hyaluronic acid, lanolin, retinoic acid, retinol or retinyl palmitate, and tocopherol acetate.

These large numbers of ingredients make most people unsure about choosing the right skin-care product. Hence, while choosing a facial or body product it is advisable to seek the opinion of a skin-care professional rather than relying on products that we can find on shop shelves.

Otherwise check the ingredient list.

how to write a skin care articles

At the same time, one should not forget that skin care is more than just picking product. A healthy diet helps our skin far more than any cream.Skin care comes down to practicing good habits.

Here are five tips that can help guard against skin cancer, chapped skin, dryness, and more. Think of your skin-care routine as consisting of three main steps: Cleansing — Washing your face.

Toning — Balancing the skin. Moisturizing — Hydrating and softening the skin. The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your complexion so it’s functioning at its best, and also troubleshoot or target any areas you want to work on.

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