Pirates vs ninjas essay

Ninjas Pirates scourge of the sea, ninjas assassins of the trees. Pirates rape and pillage and ninjas destroy villages.

Pirates vs ninjas essay

An answer to the age old question, which is better Pirates or Ninjas Rated: David Erling Larson Uhhh. Pirates are of a rare breed, a breed that is full of daring do and adventure. Their profession requires it of them.

To live the life of an outlaw on the high seas, of which no future can be securely assured. A business that has the possibility of making one filthy stinking rich, or that of coming to a bloody, brutal, slow demise at the end of the gallows.

That being said this paper or essay if you will?

Pirates Vrs. Ninjas - Essay - Wendy

Will be a most glorious and splendid attempt to tell, no, nay I say again to prove that pirates are way cooler and better that the ninja slime that infests this globe of ours.

Prepare to be dazzled and amazed. As long as men have gone to sea, there have been pirates, and as long as man goes to sea pirates will continue to rove the wild briny waves in search of there next victim. The earliest piratical exploits ever recorded were of the "Sea Peoples" around to BC.

The origin of the sea peoples is unknown but the writings of the Egyptian Pharaohs hint that they came from what is now Libya. Some modern scholars believe that they are of a Greek origin.

Pirates vs ninjas essay

While no one knows where they came from we do know that Pharaoh Merneptah defeated the sea people in a great sea battle, and then 20 years later Pharaoh Ramses III defeated them again, but only after the sacked and plundered Cyprus, Hatti, and many other nations.

At this time the Ninja was not even around, in fact the ninja did not or the practice of Ninjutsu did not start until the Heian period to AD.

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Nearly years after the first pirates. At around the year AD a pirate crew under the command of Leif Erikson landed on what is now Newfoundland.

If it were not for this pirate the western civilization might still be held captive be in the small confines of Europe. These pirates were of a hardy medieval stock, they were the terror from the sea, the monsters from the north they were the Vikings.

Imagine you are an English villager. It is a cold spring night and the mist covers the bay you are watching, out of the fog comes looming dragons head, and the cries of battle and war echoing behind it.

And they have but one terrifying thought on there minds: Plunder, pillage, and rape your tiny little berg. Those who survive will most likely spend the rest of their natural lives as slave, and those who escape will surely see these pirates who boldly attack out of the cold night from the open sea again.

Whilst on the Ninja side…. Almost instantly your lethal katana is drawn, ready for any enemy to show him self, but alas no one comes.

Your leader was the victim of an act of a ninja. It was an act of cowardice he ran and escaped in to the night. But you hear all sorts of example of pirates.

It tells the story of an American privateer lured it to a fight with British pirates. It goes some thing like this.

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Look ahead, look a stern, Look the weather in the lee, Blow high! And so sailed we. I see a wreck to the windward And a lofty ship to lee, A sailing down all on The coasts of High Barbary O are you a pirate Or a man-o-war?

For we have got some letters To be carried home by you.

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Pirates vs ninjas essay

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