Success as a distraction to faithfulness

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Success as a distraction to faithfulness

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Abraham and Joseph were granted success see Gen Joshua was promised success see Jos 1: To ask and believe God for success is not wrong, however the motivation behind our drive for success can be wrong which would lead us in to spiritual failure.

The Prosperity and Poverty gospels are differing Christian views on worldly and spiritual success. The poverty gospel on the other hand tells us that we should live our lives as simply as possible, taking only what we need and giving the rest to the poor Lk 6: The problem here again is if you are blessed materially you can be left feeling a spiritual failure.

For the Christian success simply comes down to doing the things that please God see Eph 5: It is not so much what you do in life that pleases God, you can be preacher or a painter and still please God, it is how you do what you are doing in life that pleases God.

God calls us to be faithful to each other see 3Jh: The early Church did not have their own building or denominations, they had each other. Faithfulness should be a part of the Christian character so whatever we do we must do it faithfully. When Persecution challenges your faithfulness, do you rejoice and look forward to your reward?I’ve long admired J.R.’s take on ministry, so it was honor to talk with him about what it means for pastors to serve with faithfulness, regardless of the outcome, in a culture that idolizes celebrity and success.

A weathered, beaten rock god always on the road, and there was not even a hint of temptation, no question of his faithfulness and loyalty – why would you need to . Elizabeth knew success very early on, but learned firsthand the difference between success and faithfulness.

As an American saint, Elizabeth powerfully challenges the American tendency to view outward success as an indisputable sign of God’s grace.

Success as a distraction to faithfulness

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Faithfulness – Faithfulness as a Christian bleeds over into your faithfulness as an usher. Showing up, being responsible and doing your ministry well matters to everyone.

It matters to God, and it matters to all those who call your church home.

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