The heroic qualities of beowulf and sir gawain that caused their downfall

It is the first great epic poem in the English language. Its authorship is unknown but is attributed to an unnamed scribe, working in a monastic centre somewhere in the south of England. The work is a peculiar hybrid, an infusion of pagan Germanic history that is overlaid with a decidedly Christian commentary. It is at once a nostalgic, celebratory account of an Anglo-Saxon man, a hero who faces extraordinary challenges.

The heroic qualities of beowulf and sir gawain that caused their downfall

Hero When envisioning the ideal hero, a person might picture a selfless individual, one who shows bravery in the face of defeat and is willing to beat the overwhelming odds.

Often times, a hero is an everyday person who with one selfless act proves them a strong individual. Heroes are not born a hero, it is in the times you least expect it that heroes are made.

Heroism is not congenital, rather something that is demonstrated. The idea of a hero has been transformed through time, in the Old and Middle English periods, hen people received their information from the storytellers; heroes came as entertainment for the people to enjoy.

During the Old English era, the people were overcome by the epic poem Beowulf, in which the Old English heroic ideals were displayed by the warrior Beowulf in his battles with various monsters that threatened citizens in several countries, noting that none of them were his own.

Each story shows the type of ideal hero that the time period recognized. However, as time has passed from Old to the Middle English eras brought certain changes in the belief of what a true hero encompasses. Even through time, Beowulf and Sir Gawain stories have developed and grown.

Through their bravery and strength, Beowulf and the Green Knight represent the heroes who overcame insurmountable odds to win the loyalty of the people in their respective countries in fourteenth-century England. A quest is a Journey that a hero takes that is often dangerous and endures elements that no normal human can endure.

The inspirational Beowulf sets out for the land of Denmark with fourteen of his bravest men. Denmark is ruled by the great King Hrothgar; however for twelve winters Herot, the castle in which the king lived, had been cursed with a demon from deep down in the darkness.

In the night it came through the hall of Herot and killed the warriors while they slept. Beowulf is preparing a group of finest individuals who will help him to conquer Grendel and help his uncle out. This quote shows how Beowulf is already displaying heroic characteristics such as strength and nobility.

To be called to such an event is admiring in itself but what Beowulf goes on to do proves much ore difficult. Beowulf had an ultimate goal in his voyage to his uncle.

He had to not only slay Grendel but restore happiness to a country that seemed to have lost all hope. When Grendel returned to the country in hopes of finding more warriors to slay, he instead came face to face with Beowulf, who bore no weapons because he did not want an advantage over the monster.

Beowulf was not a large human being and his strength was no greater than the other men who fought with him. His perseverance was what made Beowulf unique. After a gruesome battle, Beowulf was ble to tear the arm of Grendel off his body and forcing him out of the country, back to the marshes to die.

What makes this battle so unique is two main points. His ability to fght the monster when everyone around him had ultimately failed also makes this battle unique. Beowulf took the monster single handily for most of the fght yet we are given lines that prove that Beowulf never gave up.

Unfortunately, Beowulfs days of fghting were not over. In another heroic battle, one that Beowulf questioned if he would make it, Beowulf hit his lowest point.

To the people, Beowulf was the last hope of survival in the kingdom. With any monster alive, no one was safe. Once again, Beowulf fought back and defeated the mother, even after they all believed that the blood they saw seeping up had to be Beowulf, he emerged victoriously.

After that fight, Beowulf returned home to become king. Through each battle though Beowulf succeeded and only gave us more reason to call him a hero. He was able to accomplish something that seems to anyone else, non human like characteristics.

While enjoying a meal with King Arthur, a head off. With surprise, the knight bent down and picked up his head.

The heroic qualities of beowulf and sir gawain that caused their downfall

When the time came for Sir Gawain to accompany the knight in his castle they agreed to exchange their days worth of earnings. On the first day, the Green Knight came home from a day of hunting to trade a deer for a kiss that Gawain had admitted and believed had come from the wife of the knight.Who is the Villain in the Frankenstein?

- Mary Shelley is the original playwright of 'Frankenstein' and it has been adapted since then by Phillip Pullman.

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Aug 02,  · Beowulf, from Beowulf, and Sir Gawain, from Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, are both heroes in their own rights, though each display different qualities, each faces different monsters of the physical and figurative kind, and each struggle to overcome them in different ways.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Throughout Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, there are many virtues as a knight that Sir Gawain displays. Of these traits, his bravery is the most prominent.

In the beginning we are introduced to a celebration of the Christmastide in Camelot. Although written in different time periods, Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight have some remarkable similarities regarding their themes and structures. First of all, the poems share common ideas regarding the type of qualities that heroes possess such as bravery, honour and truth.

Even through time, Beowulf and Sir Gawain stories have developed and grown. Their heroic adventures have captured an audience who enjoys seeing a “normal” human endure non human events, and in the end, becoming the hero that no one expected. Two characters portrayed as heroes are Sir Gawain, a character from the tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Beowulf, another character from an ancient British epic entitled of the same name.

The difference between Beowulf and Sir Gawain, is that Sir Gawain is a real hero, and Beowulf .

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