The religious life of saint francis of assisi

After squandering his youth away in having excessive fun, he converted, renounced his inheritance, and he offered himself totally to God. He gave his followers some wise norms that were later approved by the Holy See. He founded an Order of friars and his first female follower, Saint Clare, founded the Claritians through his inspiration.

The religious life of saint francis of assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi: His parents, Pietro and Pica, were members of the rather well-to-do merchant class of the town. Pioetro Bernadone was away in France when his son was born. Saint Francis of Assisi, was born inmore probably in the latter year.

His father, Pietro di Bernardone, was a prosperous cloth merchant and one of the influential business men of Assisi. A merchant in those days was a far different individual from the modern shop keeper; forced by circumstances to be both daring and prudent, he constantly embarked upon the most hazardous undertakings and his career was likely to be a succession of ups and downs.

Moreover, business activities, which today tend more and more to assert their independence of any ethical code, were then strictly subordinated to accepted moral standards, as is clearly shown in the writings of Leo Battista Alberti, a century and a half later, or in the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas.

Bernardone was not in Assisi when his son was born. More than any other character in history, St. Francis in after life retained the qualities most characteristic of childhood, so that it is not difficult to imagine him as he must have appeared during his early years, with his combination of vivacity, petulance and charm.

Childhood At the proper time young Francesco Benardone was sent to clergy of San Giorgio, his parish church, to learn his letters and the ciphering necessary for a merchant. He sat on a bench with the better-class boys, chorusing sacred Latin.

He was not a brilliant student. The three extant scraps of his writing betray a clumsy fist and abound in sad solecisms. In later years he avoided holding a pen; he preferred to dictate, and to sign his pronouncements with a cross or tau, a semisacred symbol.

The religious life of saint francis of assisi

However, he learned enough Latin for his purposes, for school routine and for the comprehension of the ritual. Francesco also had the education of the home and shop. He could admire his father, honest and worthy, but an austere man, taking up where he laid not down, reaping where he had not shown.

Drama also rendered his secret dream, the realization of the chivalrous life.

Francis’s vision and the stigmata of the Crucified

After Francis had attained manhood and developed his native discernment, he devoted himself to the profession of his father, who was a merchant. Yet this he did in his own way. Merry and generous by nature, ever ready for jest and song, he roamed the town of Assisi day and night with his comrades and was most prodigal in his spending-to such an extent that he used all the money allowed him and all his earnings for banquets and festivities.

For this reason his parents frequently remonstrated with him, pointing out that he was living in such style with his friends that he no longer seemed to be their son, but the son a great prince.Saint Francis of AssisiFrancis of Assisi was born in in Assisi. At this time, Alexius II Comnenus became the Byzantine emperor and Phillip II had just become the king of France.

In his younger years, Francis was known for partying and drinking a lot, he was very rebellious. May 10,  · Category People & Blogs; Song The Map Of Jerusalem; Artist Alfred Newman; Album The Robe; Licensed to YouTube by AdRev for a 3rd Party (on behalf of .

The life and vitality of St. Francis of Assisi thrives on the commitment of the many people involved in the various ministries of the parish.

Currently, we have over 30 committees and ministries for all ages. The Death of St Francis of Assisi As the end drew near St Francis asked to be taken to the little church of St Mary of the Angels, otherwise known as the Portiuncula, the little church that he had rebuilt with his own hands, that he might die in the poverty to which he had been accustomed all his life.

Life of Saint Francis Saint Francis was born in Assisi (Italy) in After squandering his youth away in having excessive fun, he converted, renounced his inheritance, and he offered himself totally to God.

Women also were fascinated by Francis's message, and when Francis received a rich young women of Assisi named Clare, the Second Order of Franciscans was founded, also known as Poor Clares.

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