Writing a request to be excused from jury duty

Otherwise, you need to come to court on the day summoned. If you believe you are exempt or should be excused from Jury Duty, please review the Virginia Code sections below and take action indicated.

Writing a request to be excused from jury duty

For further assistance, please email jury alameda. You may be called to serve if you are 18 years old, a U. You must be able to understand English, and be physically and mentally capable of serving.

In addition, you must not have served as any kind of juror in the past 12 months, nor have been convicted of a felony. How did my name get selected for jury duty? The objective of the court is to provide an accurate cross-section of the county's population.

When I am summoned as a juror, where should I go? Read the summons carefully. The summons you received in the mail includes the reporting address, as well as date and procedure your should follow to arrive at the correct time when you report for jury duty. You may reschedule your jury service to a date six to twelve months after your summons date.

May I be excused from jury service? You may request to be excused by logging on to our E-juror website at https: The only statutory exemption for occupation conflicts regards Law Enforcement Officers as defined in Sec. Who pays for meals?

The Court pays for lunches during jury deliberations, but not during the trial. How can I be a juror if my boss won't let me take time off? Section a of the California Labor Code reads: What should I wear to court? Dress as you would to go to a business meeting or a social function.

Do not wear shorts or tank tops. Check with the jury commissioner if you have any doubts. Is there any special way I must act in court?

writing a request to be excused from jury duty

Be alert and courteous. You may bring a book or newspaper to read while you're waiting for court to begin, or during recesses, but not while court is in session. While in a courtroom all cell phones and pagers should be turned off. How much of my day will jury service take?

You should plan to attend court as a juror all day from 8: For your first day of jury duty, be sure to call the telephone number indicated on your summons to confirm when you are expected to appear.

Why are there such long breaks and lunch hours during a trial? The judge may have to set the next day's calendar and dispose of other cases. Attorneys may also need time to prepare their witnesses and other aspects of the case.Please send your completed questionnaire (and request) to the mailing address below or use the Related Links to the left.

Clerk of the Circuit Court. REQUEST FOR EXCUSE FROM JURY DUTY - MEDICAL. FOR JUROR/PROSPECTIVE JUROR: _____ (Required) 9-DIGIT BAR CODE PARTICIPANT NUMBER: must include WHY you need to be excused, the DAYS/DATES you need to be excused and WHEN YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SERVE in the future.

By law, the courts will excuse from jury duty anyone with a mental or physical conditions that would keep them from serving as a juror. There is not an exemption based on age, but you may request to be excused if you have a hardship that would make it difficult to serve.

Before writing a jury duty excuse letter, you should call the courthouse phone number listed on your summons. It is a good idea to discuss your circumstances with the clerk first, as he or she may be able to save you some time by telling you if your excuse is valid or not.

If you need to be excused from jury duty, you must request it in writing within five (5) business days of receipt of your summons. All correspondence should contain the Jurors Identification Number that appears below the barcode on the summons.

WARNING! Jury scams target the Thurston County community. Scammers are calling and writing people and saying they missed jury duty. They are not court staff or from the sheriff’s office -- they are trying to steal your money or commit identity theft.

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